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Friday 2/15 Assignment:

YouTube Links

  1. Eric Whitacre TED Talk:
  2. “Halo” –
  3. “This Love” –


If you are typing your assignment, please copy and paste these questions into a Google Doc or Word Doc. If you are writing your response, just write the question numbers. ALL RESPONSES SHOULD BE 3-5 SENTENCES!!!

Questions 1-3 are about the Eric Whitacre video. Please watch the entire video first before answering the questions.

Questions 4-6 are about videos 2 and 3.

  1. In 3-5 sentences, tell me what you learned about Eric Whitacre and his project.
  2. After watching Eric Whitacre’s TED Talk, share your thoughts on technology and the performing arts. How could high school choirs use technology like this?
  3. What are your thoughts on his 2nd Virtual Choir piece “Sleep”? Did you like the music? What aspects of it affected your response?
  4. After watching “Halo,” what were you most impressed by? What about in “This Love”?
  5. A cappella music is extremely challenging to perform well. Every part is important, though it may not sound important, and your part may not be that fun to sing. Did that show in these performances? How can you connect this to our own class rehearsals?
  6. In each song, provide the time stamp for your favorite part of the performance, and tell me why it caught your attention the most.
  7. Of the 3 videos, which was your favorite and why?
  8. Share a song with me! I like listening to all kinds of music and making playlists. Please keep it school appropriate. Link me to a youtube video, and tell me why I should listen to this song. Why do you like it?




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